Where do we begin?

Tidy Home of Henry specializes in the KonMari Method™ where tidying is completed in the following category order:

  1. Clothing 
  2. Books
  3. Papers
  4. Komono (misc)
  5. Sentimental

Each category can take as little as 3 hours, to several 5 hour sessions over several weeks depending on the size of home, volume of items, and client availability.

I don't live in Los Angeles. Can we still work together?

Yes. Please send a tidy message.

Do I need to be at home during the tidying?

Yes. All coaching is performed one-on-one in person with the client.

What happens after each session?

A flexible lesson plan is created after the free phone consultation. Before/after photos, notes, homework are given within 48 hours after each session for the client to review what was learned and practice the skills on their own.

I live with MY (roommate, partner, parents, etc,) and they don't want to tidy. What do I do?

Exactly what you are doing: focusing on yourself. When you set a positive example of self-care, people around you often take notice and become just a little tidier themselves.

Also, THH only tidies items belonging to the client. So while other residents will be asked to vacate work areas during the session for your benefit, they need not worry.

Are you going to force me to throw away something I love because "I don't need it anymore"?

Absolutely not. This is not an intervention. You must be an open, willing participant. While discarding items is part of the tidying process, the KonMari Method™ is not based in the principals of minimalism. The ultimate goal of THH is to help clients create a life surrounded by things that make them Spark Joy. Once tidying is underway, many clients thoughtfully come to the realization that there are indeed belongings they no longer need.

Do you remove tidIed items?

No. At the conclusion of each session, clients will have bags with items to 1) donate, 2) discard, and 3) recycle. The removal of these bags are the responsibility of the client and an important step in our work together. Thanking and discarding items that were once invited into your life is a ceremonial process that brings gratitude and emotional closure.

DO you clean my home along the way?

No. THH is not a maid service. Please have laundry done, dishes washed, rugs vacuumed, etc. prior to each session. If there is an extreme situation, THH can arrange to work in conjunction with a local cleaning service.

Can you help me pick out new furniture, shelves, bins, etc.?

Yes. However, while THH works with clients to maximize existing storage solutions during the tidying process, it is not a design firm and will have no opinion with regards to taste and style. Clients often find they have all of the storage space they need within their own home without additional purchases. The ultimate goal is for the client to develop strong instincts for tidying and organizing their belongings in a way that brings them joy.

What if we run out of time?

There is no such thing. While certain tasks we seek to complete during our 3-5 hour session may carry over into homework or the next session, tidying is a daily practice that never ends. You will never be "done." However, when committed to the method, there is a point clients will feel complete. Life is fluid and always in motion. We should always be assessing and joy checking the items we own and invite into our lives. As we grow and evolve into each new phase of life, our tastes and the items that once brought us joy will shift as well. Marie Kondo empties out her bag at the end of every day and returns the items she needs or makes her Spark Joy. 

Change is inevitable. Growth is beautiful. Don't resist it. 

When you tidy, you gain a little confidence. You start to believe in the future. Things begin to go more smoothly. The people you meet change. Unexpected things happen in a positive way. Change begins to accelerate. And you begin to really enjoy your life.
— Marie Kondo, Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up


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